An adventure in Ladakh – Stok Kangri

Stok Kangri (137)

The breathtaking (literally!) view from the summit

6,153 metres…
20,187 feet…
~ 70% the summit elevation of Everest…
That’s the summit elevation of Stok Kangri, the highest peak in the Stok range of the Himalayas, in Ladakh, India.

Eight of us out of a team of just over twenty people made it there. Nevertheless, all the remaining climbed up to around 1,000 ft below the summit, which was an incredible feat in itself!

The summit climb was by far the most gruelling one that any of us had ever attempted before. But every effort was worth the splendid view from the top. By the time we reached, most of us were gasping out of exhaustion in the thin air. At this altitude, the decrease in atmospheric oxygen is not just a number but a very tangible reality that everyone can experience.

I can never forget this first real peak that I managed to climb and the amazing time I’ve had in the mountains this summer with some really great friends that I’ve made, during this adventure called Stok Kangri.

Click here to view the entire album.


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