Sleepless in Singapore

Singapore.. known mostly for shopping, travel, vacation, finance companies… none of that was my motive when I came here exactly four months ago. Having completed a short research internship at NTU, I will be on my way back to India in a few hours. These four months have taught me a lot, academically and otherwise.

There have been many sleepless nights before (and elsewhere); usually spent listening to music, writing something only to delete it later or just calling up friends on the other side of the globe. Or better than all of it, just playing a nice, continuous loop of memories in the head. Ah, those endless debates creating havoc in the head, one side playing the prosecutor and the other, the defendant. You, or at least your perception of the real you, are generally the later. One thing really good about the night is that time seems to crawl just as slowly at night as it seems to fly by during the day. Of course, that’s only true on a night you intend to sleep, not work!

The long debates die down…the body needs to rest, the defendant needs to rest. The captor, the prosecutor will keep going, yielding only to acknowledge irately that it’s existence is dependent on the other side. Ironic.


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