About me

Stok Kangri (117)

An engineer by profession, a nature-lover at heart, a restless twenty-something trying to live my passion, one bit at a time…for now. Someday the rebel in me will hopefully break free and wander down adventure lane up adventure mountain, never to turn back!

This blog is a place where I can share all my outdoor ventures – crazy and not-so-crazy accounts of where my heart truly lies. Some of these ventures include climbing / trekking in the Himalayas, relishing authentic Asian food in the nooks and corners of Singapore, hiking in the Sahyadris with a bunch of enthu pals, going for a photo shoot to a small village or freezing my hands while trying to photograph constellations in the clear winter skies… and hopefully much more to experience!

Although I haven’t travelled extensively, that is something I definitely want to experience in the near future. Having spent hours researching about travel-and-teach-English (Asia / Europe / South America), scouring literally hundreds of sites on work-travel and in general budget-travel, I feel a strong urge to pack my rucksack and hit the road… just waiting for the right time 🙂

As for ‘figuring out’ what really makes me happy, ‘climbing mountains’ would rank very high on the list. Although this isn’t in the very typical ‘holiday’ manner – I want to be able to immerse myself fully in the experience, get involved with all the aspects and someday enable others to discover this awesome feeling.

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