Trekking through Kashmir – the heaven on Earth…

Kashmir Great Lakes (047)

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After landing at Srinagar airport, I collected my rucksack and almost immediately started looking around for people with rucksacks or groups of youngsters in hiking outfits etc to strike a conversation. I had come to Kashmir to join the ‘Kashmir Great Lakes’ trek by Indiahikes. Continue reading


Colourful Fall 2012

Driving about 1900 miles to spend an extended weekend with a bunch of old friends, soaking in the scenic beauty along the Blue Ridge Parkway, hand-feeding camels and lamas (among others!) and of course, the majestic Luray Caverns – Fall 2012 couldn’t have been better!

Virginia trip map Continue reading

Roof of the Rockies

Mt Elbert (51)

I was woken up in my seat by our shuttle driver’s voice when he announced to everyone that both lanes of the  interstate were closed down and that it could be a while before we started moving again. I was heading to Indianapolis to catch an evening flight to Denver, Colorado. Continue reading

Sleepless in Singapore

Singapore.. known mostly for shopping, travel, vacation, finance companies… none of that was my motive when I came here exactly four months ago. Having completed a short research internship at NTU, I will be on my way back to India in a few hours. These four months have taught me a lot, academically and otherwise. Continue reading

Portraits – stories; theirs and mine

portraits (1)

I was in the MRT and saw this girl standing near the window which had a nice blue tint and rain drops strewn all over, thanks to the cloudy weather and recent drizzle. After debating with myself whether to ask for clicking a pic, I finally went up and it turned out to be a rather interesting conversation! Continue reading

Under the stars

Under the stars I lay
Gazing upward in amazement!
Gliding across as if
Under their own ordainment Continue reading


“I can sit on the floor but I have to get on this bus; I’ve got to make it to work tomorrow!”, a woman in her forties blurted. I had just boarded a bus from downtown Columbus, Ohio. Apparently, there was one less seat on the bus than the number of tickets sold; ridiculous. Thankfully, there was one seat ‘reserved’ for an extra driver in case the journey was a long one and two drivers were needed (this is what fellow passengers concluded). So no one had to sit on the floor and we were on our way; albeit after a good 30 minutes delay. Continue reading